March Metal Mania v2 – 2009

What a Day!

Started off with the usual frenzy of setup and frantic calls to get everyone together and get everything in place..
Nolan and I reached the venue at about 11:00, and there was nothing there except the Shelter guys and Generator..

What surprised us the most was that the crowd had started coming in already.. There were about 20 people there for the gig at 11:00.. [I apologize to you guys for the miscommunication]..

Things started falling into place with lots more people coming in, and the crowd too.. We expected to start off by 2:00 but there was a slight delay with the setup.. We did start at about 2:40, the first band took stage..

Eccentric Pendulum, our opening act, helped us with the last minute sound adjustments and setup.. They were ready to go and I got the second surprise.. One announcement and the crowd just stood up and went up front to support the band.. Bear in mind it was bloody hot and the stage was right out in the sun..

Bands that followed were Kaashmora, Venator, Abandoned Agony, Catalyst, Corrode, Inner Sanctum, Culminant, Theorized.. All the bands put in their best and the crowds response was just amazing band after band..

While i acknowledge the bands for being on the stage and performing, I must say that the crowd was just excellent.. They moshed and moshed and moshed till their heads dropped.. A true Headbangers Ball.. I’ve not witnessed such enthusiasm and response for the last two years.. I also like to thank you for preserving the values and rules and restrictions that the venue put forward by not smoking and making a mess out there..

The Headlining Acts took stage quite late and they acknowledged the time factor[limit].. They were extremely professional in setting up on stage, getting the sound right, performing and clearing out..

Slain, have been around for sometime and have made their mark by sweeping competitions like anything.. They have worked their way up to being what they are today, a truly remarkable, enjoyable band..

Kryptos, A perfect ending to a even more perfect day.. They were simply awesome and well supported by the crowd.. A band who got to support Iron Maiden[Who happen to be one of their long time inspirations], can put on an inexplicable performance, and this was one..

I would like to thank Nolan, for putting up with me, for keeping this brainchild of ours alive, all the beer, all the learning, all the ideas, etc etc..

I would also like to thank a whole bunch of people who helped make this gig a huge success – Samik, Prasad, Salman, Yamini, Vibha, Adarsh, Nachi, Suraj, Donald, Jaywanth, Hazel, Rohit, Ryan, Addy, Goldy, Siddharth, Harsha, Benji, Ashwin, Pranay, Deep, Bharadvaj, Danny, Ooma, Amar, Akshaya, ChaMundi, Nikhila, Mudith, Harsha, Siva, Sachin, Nikhil, Arun, Ashish, Vibhas, Chintan, Michael, Rajeev, Abhinav, Gaurav, Rajesh, Hitesh, Shreyas, Sruthi, Ashu, Suneil, Vinly, Nisha, Vishnu, Sankalp,Charan, Yash, Ankit, Manek, Judah, Brydon, Naresh, Jared, Jonathan for making this a HUGE success..

Last but not the least, I think Sound Ace did and incredible job by supporting us.. This gig wouldnt have been possible without them.. And thanks to Furtados for giving us the Drum Kit..

A Truly Epic Gig!

One last thing, Corrode were just awesome to give me that opportunity to perform with them one last time.. Good Fun ras..

In The Prescence Of Everything

Half of 2009 is about to go by and I’ve not written a post here..

This new years has been really awesome so far.. Some highlights ,

I made a resolution to watch 1000 movies this year and I have watched 600+ at the moment.. What a feat.. :P

Had one of the most awesome-est weekend every on Feb 14th and 15th with the Air Show and Iron Maiden gig.. This experience was totalyl unforgettable.. Seeing Kryptos live with Maiden was even better..

I quit Corrode as their Guitarist, on probably the best terms ever.. I was having a bad time everywhere and couldnt put time to it.. At the same time a Certain band called Kryptos recruited me as their Audio Engineer/Guitar Tech/Drum Tech..

Rock Ethos 2 was the first gig where I pretty much did some work for Kryptos.. Working with that setup was just an awesome experience..

I now have a beautiful car to drive thanks to my parents, Its a Fiat Linea and it behaves so beautifully.. :)

Finally work started pouring in but I was able to go to Mysore with Kryptos for a show in SJCE, The trip was unforgettable.. Here It was just Me and the console for the first time ever, I should thank Vikram for standing by and helping me out.. Iron Maiden’s movie Flight 666 was the highlight of May, with the tribute gig at Planet M the previous day of the release..

In between all this, I worked on a project called baware[] with Abhijit and Neeti.. A few protests and lots of noise we did get noticed to an extent we wanted to.. No reports of attacks have been heard recently.. So that went pretty well..

Thru May and June, I’ve been working hard for Stoke Networks where i completed one full year[Successfully] and the results of this are showing in the press world.. :)

The highlight of this quarter was the Endorsement Deal for Kryptos’ drummer Ryan from Vic Firth.. This was an enormous success and this is a lot of support well deserved and needed..

Lots of stuff is planned out for this year, and I hope to update the same time to time..

Corrode and All


After being off stage for almost one and a half year, i finally managed to find a band thats tailor made for me.. I just cannot express how much i enjoy being in a band or in this band for that matter.. So far we’ve practiced, hung out, ate, pulled each other’s legs, written music, and Everyone just fits in.. In all these years struggling to fit into a band or forming a band, this has to be my best experience ever..  


On one of those long working nights, i found a post on orkut looking for a guitarist for blah blah blah.. I went to Goldy’s profile and found it locked.. He fortunately had left his number and I called the next day.. He had heard about me and my previous bands and he was pretty comfortable auditioning me.. And there i went.. All the way to Matthikere.. 

Then What?

We had our first gig in Mysore on 26th and it was a blast.. We went there on both the days and I dont think any of us actually slept a wink.. It had to be the most memorably trip ever.. The gig itself went so well.. We were well supported by the Audience and the Sound was near perfect.. The songs came out pretty well..

Thankings :

I’d personally like to thank everyone from Venator, Kaashmora, Macabre Intent, Salman, for all the help and support at the gig and My Bandmates for putting up with me so easily..  And Last but not the least Don for hopping on this trip and making so many things easier , for the photos, for everything…..

What Happened!

Its all in the past, but i think its fair enough that i write a post.. Its been Three months :-o

Work : Work at Stoke is smooth.. Things are happening at a deadly pace and its all on the rail for me.. I fit in.. Thats what matters.. We’ve a strong headcount and also lots of fun activities..

Travel : I went to coorg in July with some friends.. We trekked to Mule-Matte in search of wildlife.. It was a dry trip.. Came home with absolutely no photos to be proud off..
I went to Shimsha/Talkad with Parents last weekend.. That trip was an adventure.. We took some wrong routes and reached some places with absolutely no people and lots of peace.. I think we’re the only people in the world who wouldnt curse a wrong route! ( ;-) .. We saw quite a lot of birds.. Since i was driving, this trip also was dry in terms of photography..
I have a few of them, but my flickr limit has been reached..

Music : I’ve been practicing a lot.. Composed songs for both the genres i play.. It should come out soon.. (Soon has lost its defination) I got some nice, loud, equipment thanks to JD :) I’ve been hooked on to Dave Matthews band and Lamb of God.. I dont want to justify why!

People : Lots of my friends have left to pursue higher studies.. Its the current fad for the crowd..

Accidents : I had one, had a deep cut and got stitches for the first time ever.. Good Experience..

I cant remember more, I promise to write more and more..
See I Remembered more stuff..

Projects : I’ve got myself involved in two projects.. MarigeMara and Street Smart.. You can read a lot about this on these links and

Pangea Day Was Good Fun

How many of you guys watched this? It was brilliant..
Here are some videos which are really really worth watching

Papiroflexia (Meaning Oragami) :
The Ball –
Sierra Leone’s Refugees All Star Band :
Elevator Music :
Operation Homecoming RoadWorks :
Some French MOvie(Cant type or pronounce – Has Subtitles) :

If you dont know what pangeaday is check out

We started off the evening with some music.. I played Summer Song(Joe Satriani), Wish You Were Here(Pink Floyd), For The Love Of God(Steve Vai) and Wonderwall(Oasis – Attempted this for the first time after learning it there).. Then i was joined on stage by Monjyoti and Ananth(Suddu’s Brother)..

This was Monjyoti’s and My last performance together as he is shipping off to Assam to practice Law.. We played couple of originals from FBS (Rock and Roll and Blooze) and one Eagles cover (Get Over It).. All in all it was a great show..

Then on the movies began and it was good fun.. Thanks to Akash, Mansi, Amith, Shekar, Ananth, Deepak, etc for making this a fun experience..

Pangea Day Tomorrow

“Bringing the world together with movies!”

Sounds Interesting? Check it out here ! Bangalore edition to be held at ThoughtWorks(Airport Road) starts off at around 9.PM with Dinner.. I’ll be performing solo at around 10.PM and then Will be jamming with Monjyoti(My Ex-Band’s Keyboardist)

BTW FYI, Monjyothi will be leaving Bangalore for good in June and this will be our last performance together.. Quite a sad thought cause Bangalore will be losing one of the best keyboardist I’ve seen/Played alongside..

At about 11:30 the Movie Marathon begins and Goes on till someone Tells us its Morning :-)

Amit’s Post

I’m Shipping Off To Tumkur, Oh Oh Oh!

Fridays usually end with Akash and Me meeting up at some place.. But this time around or rather for the last couple of weeks, we’ve not been hanging out too much.. I’m practically broke and he was in Ahmedabad for sometime.. Then came BarCamp 6 and So something or the other has kept each of us busy..

I ended up watchin IPL with Neha and Zu at Neha’s place, admiring Sangakarra’s Run Fest.. I get this call from One Mr. Kesava Reddy saying, “Hi Jayanth, I wanted to check if you are busy, If not lets make a PLAN”.. In the vocabularic world of Kesava Reddy, “PLAN” means “LONG DRIVE”.. I agreed since my only other plan was to watch cricket.. Though things were still being planned, my Friday habits kind of said I shouldnt go and I should stay back and Drink someplace.. But that didnt happen..

I called up Akash at about 10 P.M. and he was at Rendezvous with Hari.. So I fueled up and I met them there for Dinner.. Soon Kesava and Amit joined us and we were off..

I had this crazy route in my mind to go thru the outer ring road to reach the Tumkur Highway.. Kesava suggested we take the route thru Yeshwanthpur but i said NO.. Well, what do you know, it turned out to be a disaster.. There was a traffic jam of about 4 Km.. So we went around driving inside Matthikere finding our way out.. Finally, we hit the roads and it was going well.. Just about a few km away from Nelamangala Junction, I had a flat.. Not just the tubes, the tyres burst as well.. Having a few experiences in the last two weeks, i changed the Tyre and put in the spare quite quickly.. The Spare was running short of air and eventually got punctured.. So after driving up a little at extremely dangerous speeds(LOW SPEED), We reached the truckers check point and found “Kairali Tyre Works”.. The chap was really sweet and fixed the tyres for us..

Between thoughts of returning or carrying on to our destination, we started off again.. We headed straight towards Tumkur and Reached the Toll Gate.. Kesava got a bit Drowsy and went to the back seat and Akash was my new Navigator.. Listening to music of the likes of U2, DMB, Pink Floyd, Shakti, Simon and Garfunkel, etc we reached Cafe Coffee Day..

Amit decides that he needs sleep more than anything and stays back in the car.. Kesava, Akash and Me go in for a Cuppo.. The conversations start with some Technical stuff as usual and ultimately turned towards “Akash and Women”.. Which was really really an interesting conversation.. We statyed there for quite some time and just decided to start back home..

The journey back was kind of eventless, except of moments where some moronic bus drivers would come really really close to my car and would inkove an Expressing on Akash’s face as if his Heart was in his mouth! ;-) We kept singing all through the journey, while Kesava and Amit had spurts of Drowsyness..

We reached the city at about 6.00 and the weather was really really nice.. After the usual Bye Bye at Akash’s place , i headed back home and got some sleep.. I had taken it upon myself not to sleep so that i can drive all the way..

Read Amit’s Version here

Wonder La

I spent the sunday at WonderLa with my cousins, niece and my nephew.. That place is amazing.. I think anyone who visits Bangalore SHOULD go there.. I think my favorite ride was THE MIXER.. I looked at all the hyraulics on that and was simply amazed.. Riding it was double the fun as it rotates, revolves and goes around in Obliques.. The water park was quite tiring, i Loved the Vertical Fall.. Couldnt stop myself from going again and again.. Although, a little advice for anyone who want to go there, DO NOT GO ON A SUNDAY!! You’ll wait in queues for every ride and its quite a drag.. :)

BarCamp 2008 Summer Edition is here

Yes, Its almost that time of the year when all of us start running around trying to put in place the Biggest Tech/Social Meet ever.. BCB, Short for BarCamp Bangalore.. BarCamp Bangalore will be taking place on April 19th/20th at IIMB(Home to BCB3-5).. Register your Talks, Talk Ideas, etc Here..

I will be having a small session on Setting up Compiz and Configuring the same to Enhance your experience on Ubuntu Gusty/Hardy.. Watch this space and I’ll post the Pre-Requisites for this session.. Also watch out for some Un-Jams and Un-Band action if we decide to have it this time around :-)

I’ve Been Stoke’d

Finally, I’ve settled down with a job after three months of absolute controlled chaos.. The company is caled STOKE.. I will be starting of on April 1st 2008.. Shifting my line of work to my line of interest, Networking.. All in all i’m quite happy with this outcome.. I’ve a couple more days to relax before i start of working..

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